Our wines

The wines of Domaine Haut Ventenac are the results of our values, our know-how and our expectations of a rich landscape, which we love with a passion. These are wines with a distinctive personality, true products of terroir, which are gourmand, energetic and well made. They are perfectly enjoyable in all circumstances but shine brightest when shared with good company!

The 2019 vintage
A balance between concentration and elegance, tension and voluptuousness, bright fruit and delicate florals… In two words: gourmand and classy!


Bouteille Authentique 2019


Decanter Uk

Bouteille Authentique


L’Authentique: the authentic wine meant to be shared. The one we like to open with a delicious meal, surrounded by people who enjoy spending time together with a glass of…

bouteille Autrement


L’Autrement is a different kind of Bordeaux, one which almost makes us forget from where it comes. This sulphite-free wine, blending equal parts Merlot and Cabernet Franc…

Bouteille Audatieux


A wine made from a selection of the estate’s oldest vines, l’Audacieux boasts the kind of allure reserved for those who are convinced of their own power. Aged for 20 months in 500-litre…

bouteille l'Aurore


With a name that evokes its harvest, which takes place before sunrise, l’Aurore is a promise of freshness. Its pale colour, inspired by Provence rosés…

Bouchage à la cire

The wax seal

L’Autrement presents its distinctive elegance with a wax seal.

Ruche dans les vignes

The beehives in the vineyard

We also produce honey at the estate, a sign of a healthy biodiversity.

Le cerf, symbole de nos racines

The deer

King of the forest, protector of nature and a noble symbol of our roots.

Come see us !

A passion is like a fine wine in that it is more enjoyable when shared! We would be delighted to welcome you at Domaine Haut Ventenac and to share with you our values, know-how, vineyard and wines, which are made by passionate wine lovers.